Himalayan Retreat 2017 - All teachings available now in Retreat Video Library

15+ hours of Retreat Video Content and Teachings available - 48 videos

The Himalayan Retreat November 4th – 11th near Dharamshala, introduced people to the core concepts from the oldest yogic text.

Retreat Video Library

The six day intensive retreat covered the identification and management of our inner self through the core teachings of Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
It was taught by one of the most senior-most Yoga Philosophy teachers from India – Professor G S Sahay.

This is a very valuable addition to your lifelong learning of the ancient yogic texts.

The content is divided into the following broad topics win 48 videos :

  • Chitta and its parts
  • Chiita Vrittis and its five types
  • Pancha Kleshas – five types of pain
  • Chitta Vikshepas and Sahabhuvas
  • Various techniques and methods of identification and prevention of pain
  • The eight limbs of practice
  • Samadhi and its types.


You can now access the entire 15 plus hours of teachings on streaming video and it can be downloaded too.
The access is for lifetime for a small payment of $75 or INR 4950, for a very limited time only. The content will be available at this price for only 30 days.

– 48 Video lessons
– Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime
– Streaming and downloadable files
– Available on desktop, mobile and tablet

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